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About RFCM

Rev. Karma Ban Raulo, Founder / Director
Karma Ban Raulo is a pastor and founder of Reach for Christ Mission. Karma is born and brought up in a small village called Ashrayagada, Orissa. It is true that he challenged a lot and proud himself to serve the Lord our living God with constantly and moreover he could be able to reach the right destination without any hesitation or halting. Interesting and fact is that being a good cricketer its lots pleasure to become a nice maker fishers of men for God, praise be to the lord right after his secular education he took a unique step out and decided to go some where for his theological studies, even though he faced and experienced lots difficulties, problems, and bound to face much more pain, suffering, threatening but still he is strong to be use for God and work for the Lord.
                                         Not only that and also he had different crisis in the past years. Still then he could be able to stand firm in his decision and some how he made possible to complete his theological studies in Puri and COTR Vizag. If it has happened only because of his grace. Thank God his grace is sufficient for him and upon his vision and mission. By the help of God he could able to reach many places and be a channel of blessing for many. As he knew and believed strongly the one who trust and depend upon the Lord they will never ever failure and not lack anything. For those who hope in the lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint..
Pastor Karma’s had a good opportunity to work with Assembly of God for three years and he worked for God with burden and won many souls for Christ. Now he has started a ministry called RFCM and able to reaching many and winning perishing souls for Christ. Pastor Karma is married to Mrs. Jitandini Raulo and they are blessed with four beautiful children, Juicy, Johnson, Jasmine, and Joygladin, two of them they are going to school and two of them not yet. Please remember them always in your prayers.

Our team ::
R.Stephenson: Commenced his Christian Journey in 2006 when he was just 20 years old, having completed with secular education and completed his SSLC, B.Th, and M.Div in NIBC. Now he is doing ministry in different places and unreached areas to win souls for Christ.

He is born and brought up in a Christian family background in a small village, God is using him mightily, and he is an experienced pastor and married to Nirmala,they are blessed with one daughter, he is taking care two churches of two remote areas.

Mr. James Mark (Tulu):

He is born and brought of in a Christian family background, He completed his high education and completed his M.Div Program in Goa. Now he is involving in Gods Ministries and he is very active to do so and help a lot on the assign work better.

Bro. Banchanidhi Limma:
He is very much eager to serve the Lord with faithfully. He completed his education and involving in the ministry to teach children and youth. He is working with RFCM since 5 years and doing best, he is praying and looking to get marry and have a blessed family very soon.

Rev.Dibya Joythi Limma, Evangelsit:
He is most senior in the the God’s ministry in the remote areas, He is a married one and having five daughter and two son, One son is serving the Lord and the other one for defense service, he is very much active to preach and reach people for Christ and also he likes little politics, He is involving with RFCM since three years, He wants to reach many more places for Christ.